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how to get simulink model outputs simultaneously(when the simulation is running)?

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I have a simulink model that have the outputs x and y. When i run the simulation they give me 500x1 double values. x values are reference values and y values are the outputs that i want to converge them to x. I used genetic algoirthm to optimize output y. There are 5 parameters to optimize outputs y. I want to get x and y values to calculate error(MSE, MAPE , ITAE vs.) for cost function of genetic algorithm. Is there any method to get these output values from simulink to .m file(genetic algorithm runninng in this file) when simulation is running . From .m file to simulink i can adjust the 5 parameters simultaneously by 'set_params' but i can not find for the exact opposite situation.

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Selim il 1 Apr 2015
I solved the problem. I used to matfile from the sinks library and created the subsystem for this block. Then i masked the subsystem as parameter -- Inherit: Same as output Parameter name must be the same with output name . In my genetic algorithm .m file i used
y = get_param('my_model/y','y') %y is also subsystem name
it works. After running the simulation i get the y values each iteration to send ga .m file for optimization.

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Dishant Arora
Dishant Arora il 1 Apr 2015
You can bring or save simulation results to your workspace by making use of following blocks.
1.) to workspace form the sinks library
2.) to matffile from the sinks library
You can also make use out1(outport) block
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Selim il 1 Apr 2015
i tried to use to workspace block, but when i run the simulation i get 'undefined function or variable y' error. i will try to matfile, if it works i'll write about it. Many thanks.

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Ilham Hardy
Ilham Hardy il 1 Apr 2015
To meet the requirement, you might want to integrate your GA mfile to simulink (e.g. using Matlab Function block).

Jishnu Mukherjee
Jishnu Mukherjee il 24 Set 2018
you can try and use matlab function block and log the output of the block and check the result in simulink data inspector while simulation is running


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