How to open Scope in Simulink with Matlab command?

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Hi everyone
I want to run the simulink with the matlab command "sim". I need to see the trend of a signal . So, I use a Scope.
I want to open the scope with a matlab command line. Is there any way to open the scope in simulink with matlab command, not manually?

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 2 Apr 2015
carlos vasquez
carlos vasquez on 31 Jan 2017
Edited: carlos vasquez on 31 Jan 2017
i use this comand but, when i want to use the command set_param(gsc,'Simulationcommand','Stop'). i have this error. subsystem block does not have a parameter named 'Simulationcommand'. also i use the comand close_param for close all but i have the same error. this command works on guide of matlab?

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