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how to solve this problem"The library method '​ternal.bui​ldable.For​egroundDet​ectorBuild​able.updat​eBuildInfo​' failed."'

Asked by yogesh nandurkar on 6 Apr 2015
Latest activity Commented on by yogesh nandurkar on 7 Apr 2015
I am new one with matlab.i want to convert my matlab code into c by matlab coder . but I am getting error of " The library method 'vision.internal.buildable.ForegroundDetectorBuildable.updateBuildInfo' failed.
Caused by: The Computer Vision System Toolbox does not support compiler. Run mex -setup to select a supported compiler how to solve this problem, plz help me. I am eagerly waiting for answer. thanking you.........


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1 Answer

Answer by M.Khan
on 6 Apr 2015
Edited by M.Khan
on 6 Apr 2015
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The error message should tell you which compiler you are using in the codegen. You can also find the compiler being used by executing the command "mex -setup". Try selecting a different compiler. To see how to select a compiler, see the output of "mex -setup" command. If you are on Windows, you may select Microsft Visual C++ (if it is installed)

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yes the problem was compiler...and it is done using lcc... but there is other compiler option like " sdk,visual studio" which one is good for windows 32.. thanks.....

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