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What are the products required to generate a VST plugin with a deep neural network in Audio Toolbox?

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I am designing a VST plugin to process audio using the Audio Toolbox, and I am intending to include a neural network in this plugin. Does including the neural network imply that extra toolboxes are required for generating the audio plugin?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 1 Giu 2023
To generate the code for a VST plugin with a neural network, either MATLAB Coder or the MATLAB Coder Interface for Deep Learning can be used in conjunction with the Audio Toolbox.
The MATLAB Coder Interface for Deep Learning is a support package that is free and does not require MATLAB Coder to run. It can be downloaded from this link:
Note that generating VST plugins requires the Microsoft Visual C++ product family, as shown on the page below:
Thus, MinGW cannot be used. Please select the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler using the following commands:
>> mex -setup C++
>> mex -setup C

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