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Reza il 30 Ott 2011
Hi, I want to process images which I get with ultrasound in another software. since the ultrasound images have strange extension, I want to convert them to .jpg or .jpeg using MATLAB and I have the .m file. Problem: MATLAB can only convert 150 images at time and I want to convert more images (like 1000). Can you help me find what the problem is?
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Ashish Uthama
Ashish Uthama il 3 Nov 2011
Rza, MATLAB does not impose any file number restrictions. I believe this restriction might come from the program/code you use to do the conversion. As IA asked above, tell us how you are doing the conversion and what error/message it gives that leads you to the 150 image restriction.

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Naz il 30 Ott 2011
If you dont use Doppler imaging (your images are grayscale), then it's better to have them as one channel, than is not RGB. This way you can have a regular D2 matrix, which is easy and intuitive to manipulate. After you open your image, just normalize it and then save it as .tif file for example. Also, since you claim that MaltLab can only do 150 images at a time, do it in the loop, so the conversion proceeds one at a time. By default it will save it as 8bit image.

Reza il 30 Ott 2011
Actually I use MATLAB but I'm not an expert and I did not write the code. I don't use Doppler imaging, it is a UCV and the files are DICOM files. The code works great, but the problem is it cannot convert more than 150 images. I just want to find a way to increase the number of images.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst il 30 Ott 2011
Again, why do you say that? Are you getting an error message? Exactly what does it say?

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