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I can not find Model Linearizer under Control Systems

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I am using at the moment Simulink online, I have not installed it yet on a device.
I have the Control Systems Add on but I can not find the Model Linearizer. I have just Linerization Manager and Model Discretizer. I have seen on others Model Linearizer exist on their menu.
Any idea.

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NGiannis il 29 Lug 2023
I raised a ticket with Matlab support, there is a solutiong that can load Model Linearizer on the online version as below:
1. Launch MATLAB Online.
2. Run this command in the Command Window:
3. Close the Simulink Onramp window that should open shortly and navigate to your model in Simulink Online.
4. Go to Apps and inspect the "Control Systems" section.

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Mrinal Anand
Mrinal Anand il 21 Giu 2023
The Control Systems Add-on does not have Model Linearizer. It is a part of the Simulink Control Design Add-on. You can have a look at the apps and functionalities offered by this add-on through this link. Please install the same if you want to use Model Linearizer.

Nikhil Baishkiyar
Nikhil Baishkiyar il 21 Giu 2023
Modificato: Nikhil Baishkiyar il 21 Giu 2023
As far as I can see, the Model Linearizer app is not currently available in Simulink Online. I couldn't find it in Online even with the same model open in both.
Simulink Online is limited in features and functionalities compared to the desktop version of MATLAB and Simulink. It does not include all of the advanced features available in the desktop version.
As Mrinal said, if you want to use model linearizer, you would have to install Simulink Control Design on the desktop version.

NGiannis il 21 Giu 2023
Thank you for your replies,
I added the Simulink Control Design Add On on Simulik, now there are more apps showing on Contol System menu but not the Model Linearizer. As mentioned, seems that Simulink online does not support such function.
I wanted Model Linearizer on the online version as I will often be using Simulink on PC not owned by me thus I can not install the software.


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