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How to compare all matrix cells to the median value?

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If the number in the cell is higher than the median of all the numbers in the matrix then the number in the cell wil be replaced by a 1 else by a 0

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Shantanu Dixit
Shantanu Dixit il 29 Giu 2023
Modificato: Shantanu Dixit il 1 Lug 2023
Hi Ziad,
  1. You can use "median()" function in MATLAB to compute the median of the matrix.
  2. Further you can create a logical matrix (same size as original matrix), fill in the values using logical operation comparing with the median value. (refer to 2nd documentation attached)
Refer to the documentation:
  1. median - MATLAB - Mathworks
  2. Find Array elements that meet a particular condition - MATLAB - Mathworks

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sushma swaraj
sushma swaraj il 6 Lug 2023
Hi Ziad,
Assuming you have a matrix named 'matrix' :
% Calculate the median of all the numbers in the matrix
medianValue = median(matrix(:));
% Create a new matrix where numbers greater than the median are replaced by 1, and others by 0
resultMatrix = zeros(size(matrix)); % Initialize with zeros
resultMatrix(matrix > medianValue) = 1; % Set values greater than median to 1
Hope it works!


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