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Polyspace as you Code in VSCode stopped working - "command 'polyspace.activate' not found"

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We use Polyspace Access R2022b Update 5 to execute Polyspace as you Code in VSCode 1.80.1.
Since a few weeks (and VSCode updates), we get an error message popup when trying any Polyspace command in VSCode, for example "command 'polyspace.activate' not found", and similar popups for all the other commands. No additional messages in Output.
Do others have the same issue, and does anyone know a workaround or solution?

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Anirban il 18 Lug 2023
You might have run into the issue that is reported here: . A fix for this issue will be provided soon.
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Wolfgang Gauch
Wolfgang Gauch il 21 Lug 2023
That bug is reported for R2023.
It might be the same root cause though. Will there also be a fix for R2022?
Anirban il 24 Lug 2023
Modificato: Anirban il 24 Lug 2023
There will be a fix for R2023a in the next update. Are you able to upgrade to that release?

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