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MATLAB won't run a code even when in directory containing the code

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I try to run a code initially from my home directory. Matlab states that the code exists in a specific folder and I should navigate to that folder OR add that folder to my path. Neither of these options works.
The permissions of the code in the folder is set to execute. As a test, I can run the code from the Linux prompt and it will execute (but of course fail because it's a Matlab code not a Linux executable). I just do this to prove executable status...
Images show the output. Any idea why Matlab would not run a code that is set to executable?
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Paul Safier
Paul Safier il 27 Lug 2023
@Cris LaPierre But I can execute any of them at the Linux prompt, so they are executable via Linux...

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 27 Lug 2023
generateNetbatchProfile is not a Mathworks-supplied function -- at least not that I can find documented or in any toolbox that I have installed. (I can't rule out something undocumented in Parallel Server)
I suspect that it might have been installed by other forces outside of Mathworks.
As such, you might need to
rehash toolboxcache
because MATLAB will normally ignore anything dropped into the toolbox directories that does not go through the regular installers.
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Paul Safier
Paul Safier il 31 Lug 2023
@Raymond Norris. Thanks for the extra info. Yes, I see the user guide now; oops. :)

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