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how to estimate probability Of Outage for wireless communicaiton Networks

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i need to estimate probability Of Outage for some wireless Communication network say for e.g Cellular communication.
i needs its equations , if anyone knows about it kindly help me

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Alex il 1 Nov 2011
You need to give us more information.
Probability of outage is based off the probability of error (PoE). PoE is based off of numerous things.
The current fading model (no fading, linear fading, ricean, nakagami, ralei). What is the fading speed (fast or slow, the fading time in comparison to the bit interval - I.e. does the fading of the channel change faster than a bit interval). The type of cellular network is needed as well. CMDA and TDMA are different modulations and therefore have different PoE curves. Additionally, what kind of cell sectoring is being implemented in the cellular network (this is where you see a cell tower with antennas pointing in a triangle shape - each direction is a different frequency). Velocity of the cell is also part of this equation (doppler effect changes the center frequency). The number of other users on the network is another factor. The height of the cell tower takes into play (the higher the tower, the better response in fading). Distance from cell to tower also needs to be considered.
In other words, your question is so broad, that there is no way a simple single line (or paragraph) can answer this question. A book might be able to help though.
My favorite book on this topic is 'Principles of Mobile Communication' By Stuber.
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Syed Asad
Syed Asad il 2 Nov 2011
well you are too right , im giving you specification of my system.
but since my research is simulation based so lot of practical parameters are avoided for ease.
Fading Model : Rayleigh Model
Type Of Fading : Flate (and Slow)
cellular Network: based On Cooperative Communication (Similar to Adhoc)
Modulation : m-psk (For E.g bpsk)
No sectoring is consider, i go with Omni case
this is all i know , other parameters are not included.
i hope this information is enough for you to tell me some thing about Probability of outage...
now just for your ease i want to tell you what i did yet
i have calculated its(Cooperative Communication) BER , now i want to calculate its Probability of Outage so that i can plot it against Its Throughput.
and Thanks for sharing about Book, I will defiantly go through it

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