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Error Limit reached while trying to run polyspace-bug-finder from command line Ubuntu

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I wanted to run pollyspace bug finder on linux machine.
I had run in command line in a ubuntu server the command:
./pollyspace-bug-finder options.txt
And after 20 findings it gaves me the error: Error Limit Reached. Nothing more.
Options file content:
#Polyspace analysis options
-I "path"
-verif-version 1.0
-sources-list-file sources_list.txt
-lang CPP
-target x86_64
-compiler generic
-do-not-generate-results-for all-headers
-misra3 mandatory-required
-entry-points proci, proc2, server1, server2,tregulate
-critical-section-begin Begin_CS:Cs10
-critical-section-end End_CS:Cs10
-temporal-exclusions-file /rootOfPolyspace/polyspace/examples/cxx/Code_Prover_Example/sources/temporal_exclusions.txt -float-rounding-mode to-nearest
-signed-integer-overflows forbid
-unsigned-integer-overflows allow -uncalled-function-checks none
-check-subnormal allow
-to Software Safety Analysis level 2
-path-sensitivity-delta 0
-author gitlabrunner
-results-dir "path"
-report-output-name Name
-report-output-format HTML
-report-template /rootOfPolyspace/toolbox/polyspace/psrptgen/templates/Quality.rpt
Moreover, trying to run on a desktop application with the same project, it makes the analysist without any problem.
Can someone point me on the error that I make when I am running on command line?

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Anirban il 1 Set 2023
You do not seem to be using the option -options-file . The command should be:
./polyspace-bug-finder -options-file options.txt




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