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Using pushbutton to load file in GUI

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Jared il 1 Nov 2011
I am new to creating a GUI. I am using guide, and have a push button that opens a uigetfile dialog box using the code:
[filename1,filepath1]=uigetfile({'*.*','All Files'},...
'Select Data File 1');
It seems to work. It opens, I select a file and hit ok, but there is no "rawdata1" in the matlab workspace. Where is this file stored?

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Naz il 1 Nov 2011
do this:
rawdata1=load([filepath1 filename1]);
GUI does not pass files to the workspace. You have to use the rawdata1 variable withing the function. You can make it semi-global by doing handles.rawdata1=load([filepath1 filename1]); and then access it the same way. If you leave the current function you must save changes to your handles.rawdata1 by typing this:
guidata(hObject, handles);
before you exit the function. If you want to copy the variable to the workspace, see my answer here:

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Ka Mirul
Ka Mirul il 20 Nov 2017
I found a video that help me, it is about creating GUI to browse an image and display the image and its name. It should help you :
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nissrine Neyy
nissrine Neyy il 4 Gen 2021
Thank you, it was helpful.
here's the code if anyone needed it :
[filename, filepath] = uigetfile({'*.*';'*.jpg';'*.png';'*.bmp'},'Search image to be displayed');
fullname = [filepath filename];
ImageFile = imread(fullname);
Amirullah Bin Abdul Razak
Amirullah Bin Abdul Razak il 27 Set 2022
Hi ,
Can assist in providing the codes to upload video files using gui pushbutton? handles.axes1
Thank you.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 1 Nov 2011
Modificato: John Kelly il 26 Feb 2015
Your code is inside a GUI callback function so rawdata1 is in the function workspace, not the MATLAB base workspace.
To load into the base workspace, you need to use evalin() or assignin()

Micah il 1 Nov 2011
GUIs (and functions) do not put variables into the 'seen' matlab workspace. They are in a separate space for that specific GUI (or function). So loading a variable in a GUI will not allow you to manipulate it in the workspace, and loading a variable in the workspace will not allow the GUI to use it. Also, if you have two GUIs, and load the variable 'rawdata' in the first, the second will not be able to use it, and you won't ever be able to 'see' it in the workspace.


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