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3 month data collection usng data inspector simulink

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Joshua il 12 Ago 2023
Risposto: Muskan il 4 Set 2023
I wanted to set up a test where I use the "monitor and tune" option to read a C2000 ADC and record the data. This code will need to record 12 signals for 3 months of time while sampling every second. This will create an extremely large file and would appear to be well past the limit for exporting the data to an excel or even opening the .mat file. I was hoping that there was a way to splice the data inspector data into multiple files without stopping the "monitor and tune". Please let me know if this is possible
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C B il 12 Ago 2023
I guess for such long time thingspeak would be good option, I dont know the details but you can check thingspeak once if it can be applied on your usecase.
Joshua il 14 Ago 2023
Not sure if I can connect the C2000 MCU device to thingspeak. Looks like it might need a wifi connection to it?

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Muskan il 4 Set 2023
Hi Joshua,
As per my understanding, in the "Monitor and Tune" feature of MATLAB, there isn't a direct option to automatically splice the data into multiple files while continuously recording without interrupting the monitoring process.
You can refer to the following documentation for further understanding:


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