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Simulink Simscape Noise Filtering

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Christian il 17 Ago 2023
Risposto: Muskan il 8 Set 2023
I'm trying to simulate and analyse the frequency response of a discrete high and low pass filter with a white noise source. I've build a simple schematic with a resistor and a capacitor from discrete components in Simscape Electrical. At the input i've a simple voltage source configured as white noise voltage source. At the output I've a spectrum analyzer. I exspect to see an increase or decrease in the noise power spectrum with the corresponding cut-off frequency but thats not the case.
Am I doing something wrong? Many thanks in advance

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Muskan il 8 Set 2023
Hi Ricardo,
I understand that you want to simulate and analyse the frequency response of a discrete high and low pass filter with a white noise source.
As per my understanding of the question, it is possible that there might be an issue with your simulation setup or configuration. Here are a few things you can check to troubleshoot the problem:
  1. Check the filter component values: Ensure that the resistor and capacitor values in your filter are correctly set to achieve the desired cut-off frequency. Double-check the component values and their connections.
  2. Verify the white noise source configuration: Make sure that the white noise voltage source is properly configured to generate the desired characteristics of white noise.
  3. Confirm the correct connections: Ensure that the filter components are connected correctly, and the input and output connections are properly established.
  4. Check the power spectrum scale: Make sure the power spectrum scale of the spectrum analyser is set correctly. Adjust the scale to ensure that the noise power spectrum is visible and properly scaled for analysis.
If you have checked these aspects and are still experiencing issues, it might be helpful to provide more specific details about your simulation setup, including the component values, white noise source configuration, and any other relevant parameters. This will allow me for a more in-depth analysis of the problem.
You can further refer to the following documentation for a better understanding:
I hope the above information helps resolve your query.


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