I need code use in matlab to detect edge of image ,using wavelet lifting scheme. about fabric defect detect.

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li hang
li hang on 25 Feb 2011
I am try to use wavelet lifting schemes on fabric defect detect, by acquiring the fabric image and process it.

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matar maoz
matar maoz on 27 Feb 2011
I am not familiar with the technique, but I am now working on an edge detection code with my project. here is a brief code, using different variations of the edge() function.
If you find another solution, please post it, so WE would be able to enjoy it too
%% % LOAD A GRAYSCALE IMAGE USING IMREAD() BEFORE RUNNING THE CODE %If you have an RGB image, load it to variable 'RGB' and use GRAY = rgb2gray(RGB); %figure, %imshow(GRAY), %title('Gray Image');
figure Xlog = edge(GRAY,'log'); %specifies the Prewitt method. imshow(Xlog) title('log edge');
GRAY2=histeq(GRAY); %figure %imshow(GRAY2) %title('enhanced histogram equalization')
%figure %Xlog = edge(GRAY2,'log'); %specifies the Prewitt method. %imshow(Xlog) %title('log enhanced');
%% edge with other METHODS
figure [X,thresh]=edge(GRAY); imshow(X) title('regular edge');
figure [Xsobel,threshsobel]=edge(GRAY,'sobel',1); imshow(X) title('sobel edge ');
figure Xprewitt = edge(GRAY,'prewitt'); %specifies the Prewitt method. imshow(Xprewitt) title('prewitt edge')
matar maoz

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