extracting specific values from a mat file

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Seyedeh Fardis
Seyedeh Fardis il 15 Set 2023
Risposto: Voss il 15 Set 2023
I have a mat file with 13299x1 data and I want to extract specific rows to be in a new mat file. For example I want the 1th, 5th, 12th, 13th, 15th, .... rows' values to be extracted and be put in a new mat file. Note that, I have another mat file with 1723x1 containing just the number of these rows that I'm looking for.

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Voss il 15 Set 2023
First load the two mat files you have. Then index into the 13299x1 variable using the 1723x1 row index variable, creating a new variable of size 1723x1. Finally save the new variable to another mat file.


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