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Workflow to combine CAD Model and SIMSCAPE Thermal transient Analysis

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I am currently working on a thermal analysis to design a controll loop for a heating system. Therefore I would like to extract geometric information like the distance between to objects and the area from Object A facing B, the mass and so on and pass it to the SIMSCAPE Blocks. I know it is not possible to pass them directly, but it is possible to store the solutions in variables and then call this variables in the blocks again. I want to automatize the design process as far as possible => changing the CAD => changes the MATLAB/SIMULINK Model. Is there a way to do so? I would be thankfull for any workflow ideas:)

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller il 20 Set 2023
You should be able to obtain distance measurements using sensors, assign them to a Simulink signal (or Simscape Physical Signal), and then pass them to a Simscape block that has a Physical Signal input. If you go via Simulink, you'll need a conversion block to convert it from a Simulink signal (handled sequentially/explicitly) to Simscape (handled simultaneously/implicitly).
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Bastian Kraemer
Bastian Kraemer il 21 Set 2023
Modificato: Bastian Kraemer il 21 Set 2023
Hey, thanks for the qucik reply :) ! I added the CAD Model via the smlink add on. Now, if I got it correct, the only way to extract geometric information like the distance is by implementing a sensor (e.g. Ultrasonic Sensor)? It is not possible to generate a Mesh and calculate it by a function?
My Model is fixed, during simulation time nothing is moving => I just need the geometric information for the thermal analysis

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