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How do I get ply file imports using App designer

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Dhruv il 17 Ott 2023
Modificato: dpb il 18 Ott 2023
The app that I am building requires a ply file to be imported. But, when I click 'all files' on the finder, it still grays out the ply files. How would I allow ply files to be imported into the app?

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dpb il 17 Ott 2023
Modificato: dpb il 18 Ott 2023
% Button pushed function: Button
function ButtonPushed(app, event)
[f,d]=uigetfile('*.ply','Get PLY File');
works just fine here in a minimal app, even if I set hidden attribute on the .ply file I downloaded for the purpose the file is shown in the selection list.
Well, let's see just for, there's no difference in the behavior if use '*.* for the wildcard pattern.
We'd have to see your actual code to see if could spot anything amiss...
Oh. Which OS/version and MATLAB release?


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