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Error Exporting Table Using Parquetwrite (multidimensional array)

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I have a 2x200 table I am trying to export it as a parquet file and I have been recieving the following error after calling:
Error using parquetwrite
T.Apple{1} is a multidimensional array. Nontabular cell array elements must be empty or 1-dimensional.
I realize that this is due to the formatting of the 2nd column. I need to keep the 4x1 format of the values in the 2nd cell as they represent bounding boxes. Each cell holds the locations of objects corisponding to the image located at the associated file path. How could I restructure my table to export this data? I attached the table in the file below.
Thank you ahead of time for suggestions!

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dpb il 19 Ott 2023
Spostato: dpb il 19 Ott 2023
load gTruth
for i=1:height(gTruth), gTruth.Apple(i)={gTruth.Apple{i}(:)};end
t2 = parquetread("test.parq");
imageFilename Apple _________________________________________________________ _____________ "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0065 - Copy.JPG" {32×1 double} "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0066 - Copy.JPG" {32×1 double} "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0067 - Copy.JPG" {48×1 double} "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0068 - Copy.JPG" {24×1 double} "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0070 - Copy.JPG" { 8×1 double} "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0071 - Copy.JPG" { 8×1 double} "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0072 - Copy.JPG" {20×1 double} "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0073 - Copy.JPG" { 4×1 double}
for i=1:height(t2), t2.Apple(i)={reshape(t2.Apple{i},[],4)};end
imageFilename Apple _________________________________________________________ ___________________ "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0065 - Copy.JPG" { 8×4 double } "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0066 - Copy.JPG" { 8×4 double } "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0067 - Copy.JPG" {12×4 double } "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0068 - Copy.JPG" { 6×4 double } "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0070 - Copy.JPG" { 2×4 double } "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0071 - Copy.JPG" { 2×4 double } "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0072 - Copy.JPG" { 5×4 double } "C:\Users\etbuc\OrBot\AppleAITestImg\IMG_0073 - Copy.JPG" {[259 132 215 222]}
I'd never heard of a parquet file before...looks like you would have to reshape the 2D arrays to 1D to write with MATLAB toolset; whether there's a way for a parguet file to contain a 2D array if one had more capable toolset I dunno. But, while somewhat inconvenient, it's not too difficult to rearrange to write; of course you'll have to rearrange back on reading...
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Ethan Buchanan
Ethan Buchanan il 23 Ott 2023
Thank you,
I know its a bit random, I couldn't find a better format to export the data. This will work well
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 23 Ott 2023
I see that the file format itself permits nesting -- but whether the MATLAB interface supports that is a different matter.

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