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Quantum toolbox in Matlab

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Xiaodong il 16 Apr 2015
Risposto: idris il 20 Dic 2023
I noticed that there is a fresh Quantum Toolbox since Matlab 2014b. Is there any introduction or manual to this toolbox? I am a quantum physics theorist, have developed some packages for simulating quantum systems, and would like to know what Mathworks is doing on this toolbox. Could it be an open-source project from Mathworks?

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Philip Caplan
Philip Caplan il 17 Apr 2015
Which Quantum Toolbox are you referring to? MathWorks is not currently developing a Quantum Toolbox. Perhaps you are referring to a third-party package such as:
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Xiaodong il 18 Apr 2015
You could be right. When I run ver in matlab, I got
Quantum Toolbox Version 0.10
That could be the QOToolbox I have installed by myself many years ago. It may not be from MathWorks. Sorry for the confusing.
Noah Prisament
Noah Prisament il 28 Nov 2023
MathWorks now has a Quantum Computing Support Package! You can check out and download the support package here: (or through Add-On Explorer) and you can look further into its capabilities here:

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Mohammed Al-Mahammedi
Mohammed Al-Mahammedi il 4 Dic 2021
CZ gate in matlab
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Mohammed Al-Mahammedi
Mohammed Al-Mahammedi il 4 Dic 2021
Spostato: Steven Lord il 29 Nov 2023
these code i like to help
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson il 4 Dic 2021
Spostato: Steven Lord il 29 Nov 2023
Your code has an infinite loop.
Your swap.m has
function [] = swap(i, j)
and then some logic that does not include a return statement. Then it has
% operate on the state vector with V
qc_v = V * qc_v;
swap (0,1);
measure (0,0);
measure (1,1);
but you are inside of swap() already, so that call to swap(0,1) would be a recursive call. That would lead to infinite recursion. You can only have a function call itself if the function does not always call itself: it must be able to detect that it has finished the work and return without having called itself.

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idris il 20 Dic 2023
I think it appears mathworks is not focused on quantum


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