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Retrieve Compiled App Project Info at Runtime

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dpb il 30 Ott 2023
Commentato: dpb il 30 Ott 2023
<This Question> asked about retrieving version from compiled app; TMW Staff answered on Windows only by getting the details of the executable file manually.
Has anything improved since?
I would like to add an "Info" menu that would be able to read the project info in the compiler sections such as version and description to be able to display that to the user -- seems pointless to have the stuff in the project and not be able to retrieve it at runtime but I can't find anything in the doc that indicates can/how to do so.

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Mario Malic
Mario Malic il 30 Ott 2023
I haven't seen a property that says anything about app version, however, it's possible to get it if you extract the .mlapp file and find the info in the coreProperties.xml file (which is silly thing to do if you want to get app version).
Maybe you could add the version to the name property of the app, as you can extract it easier compared to above solution.
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dpb il 30 Ott 2023
Indeed, all I've been able to find so far are similarly ludicrous workarounds...this is just a tiny little tool for the ladies in the Foundation office that mungs on some complicated Excel files for them; it doesn't deserve taking up a bunch of time writing formal help files, etc., but would be convenient to be able to display some hints of some of the less common features. I had put those into the project description section way back when I started on the presumption those would be available to the user; otherwise, what's the purpose of them even being there?
Stuff like this that just doesn't seem finished or, apparently, ever will be is truly frustrating...

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