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Why do I get a License Manager Error -96 or Error -95 in Polyspace Access when reviewing results?

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I set up Polyspace Access and specified the path to my license file using the Cluster Admin dashboard, and I followed all the license setup instructions from this documentation:
But when I try to review results I get this error:
Access denied
License checkout failed.
License Manager Error -96
Unable to connect to the license server.
Make sure that the client machine can communicate with the hostname listed in the SERVER line of the license file, and that the port listed in the SERVER line is not blocked by a firewall.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 16 Gen 2024
This error typically indicates that the hostname of the license server could not be resolved to an IP address within the Polyspace Access docker container.
You can run commands within your Polyspace Access container by executing this command:
docker exec -it polyspace-access-web-server-0-main bash
Then use the following command template to test the connection to the license server hostname and port: 
curl -v telnet://<license_server_hostname>:27000
Use the actual hostname of the license server in the command above. The hostname will appear in the network license file immediately after the word SERVER at the top of the file.
As a troubleshooting step, you can also try connecting to the IP address of the license server using the "curl -v telnet" command. If that connection works, you should try replacing the hostname in the network.lic file with the IP address of the license server. Then refresh the license file path in the Cluster Admin dashboard under "Configure Apps", Restart Apps, and retry reviewing results.
If your error persists, you should also try connecting to the other port that the license manager is using, known as the "MLM port":
curl -v telnet://<license_server_hostname>:27100
You can determine which port is being used for the MLM port by checking the DAEMON line of your server license file. If no MLM port is specified, you can set the MLM port to a specific port by appending "port=27100" to the "DAEMON" line in your license file on the license server. 
For more information, see:
What ports does the Network License Manager use, and how can I set those ports?
For more support with license errors, contact MathWorks Technical Support and select Installation:

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