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Can't send multiple CAN FD messages with 1 send block on Speedgoat

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I was wondering if it is a limitation, or a bug, that while using the CAN IO602-4 send block for sending CAN FD frames, if I try to send multiple messages joining them in a MUX block, I get an error that a CAN FD bus is type expected , despite using the CAN FD Pack and setting the number of messages to 2-3 or more.
The port is also set to send CAN-FD frames, and it works with a single frame. If I want to send more, I have to use multiple send blocks, , and in the case of like 8-10 messages the Target machine returns an Overload error.
Do you have any idea what the problem might be. It works with standard CAN frames, but with CAN FD I get the issue above.
I'm using Matlab version R2022b UPDATE 6 with Speedgoat blockset

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Dimitri MANKOV
Dimitri MANKOV il 14 Nov 2023
Hi Szilard,
Could you try using a "Vector Concatenate" block instead of a "Mux" block to pass several CAN-FD messages to the "CAN Send" block? This is how the CAN-FD loopback example model from Speedgoat is designed.
I hope this is helpful!
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Szilard Hegyi
Szilard Hegyi il 14 Nov 2023
Wow, thanks, that really worked. Temporary workaround I tried was connecting two ports on the same CAN bus, and using one of them for CAN FD, but this solved all our issues

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