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How to implement Ethernet Communication in Simulink Desktop Real-Time

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I want to use Ethernet Communication within Simulink Desktop Real-Time. But I do not find corresponding I/O block in Simulink Desktop Real-Time Library. Should I use Stream Input and Stream Output Blocks?

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska il 5 Dic 2023
Hi Chuguang,
it depends on what you mean by Ethernet Communication. If you mean UDP or TCP/IP (which both often work over Ethernet), you can use either Packet Input/Packet Output blocks if your data is structured as messages of fixed size, in binary or text format. Or you can use Stream Input/Stream Output blocks if your data is a stream of messages, typically ASCII text. For any of these blocks, please select the appropriate protocol driver using the Install New Board button.
You can also take a look at the sldrtex_packetio and sldrtex_streamio shipping ewxamples that can give you an idea of the correct implementation.
Good Luck, Jan
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Chuguang Pan
Chuguang Pan il 6 Dic 2023
Hello Jan, I meet another issue when I use Packet Output block. There is only UDP Protocol, but I want to use TCP Protocol.

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska il 6 Dic 2023
Hi Chuguang,
this means that you are using a very old version of MATLAB. TCP protocol support has been added in R2018a, almost six years ago. You should upgrade to at least R2018a to use TCP protocol.




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