difference between Matlab v7.9 and v6.5

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Vasileios Pappas
Vasileios Pappas on 25 Feb 2011
Answered: John D'Errico on 7 Feb 2023
Hi all, I had been using Matlab 6.5 to plot some global data. I installed Matlab 7.9 and tried to do the same plots, but I got the following error message although I used exactly the same script and data:
Error using ==> abstractAngleConv at 41 Angle units must be a string: 'degrees', 'radians', or a truncated version of 'degrees' or 'radians'.
Would anyone have an idea of how to overcome this, since I now have both versions in the laptop, one for plotting and the newer for doing other stuff faster. Thank you.
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Jan on 25 Feb 2011
It would be helpful, if you post the code line, which causes the error.

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 7 Feb 2023
which abstractAngleConv -all
/MATLAB/toolbox/shared/maputils/private/abstractAngleConv.m % Private to maputils
That is part of the mapping toolbox, but not something that is accessible directly to a user. So you are using some tool improperly (at least for the newer release of the mapping toolbox.) But we don't know how you called the mapping toolbox calls.
If you had wanted better help, then you neeeded to supply the COMPLETE error message, thus everything in red. That would have helped somewhat, to try to infer what you did wrong.
Better of course is if you could have supplied the complete code that is causing the error, and show how you called it.
Best? That is for you to learn to use the debugging tools in MATLAB. You could set a breakpoint to happen when there is an error, and MATLAB will stop the code at the line where the error would have arisen. Now you could look at the inputs to what you called.
As well, a good idea would be to read the release notes for those years of releases. Check each set of release notes, looking at changes made to the mapping toolbox. That would give you some idea of what has changed between releases.


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