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Drivingscenario to simulink in 3D

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Yedhukrishna il 10 Dic 2023
Commentato: Yedhukrishna il 19 Dic 2023
I want to create a custom map on driving scenario and visualize result in 3D on simulink.
I have created a custom map, curved road followed by a straight road. Also added an ego car and a lead car. How can I proceed further?
Thanks in advance

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Sarthak il 19 Dic 2023
Hi Yedhukrishna,
I think the 'chasePlot' function should help you visualize your result in 3D. You can look at the following documentation on how to use it:
You can also go through the following video and documentation links for more information on visualizing driving scenarios in Simulink:
I hope this helps!
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Yedhukrishna il 19 Dic 2023
Thanks for the reply. This is really a good idea to solve my issue. I have done it in a different way as well.

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