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Why are there less ADC Inputs for STM when compiling with Simulink?

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Hi everyone,
I have a question which I am confused about for a long time:
I am programming a STM32H743ZI2 Nucleo board with the help of the Simulink Hardware Support Package for Nucleo boards.
I have to read in several Analog Signals and want to utilise as many ADC-inputs as possible.
One thing that occured directly while testing and through documentation is, that the STM32 Documentation would state far more ADC inputs as it is possible to set with Simulink. The following screenshots should demonstrate this:
ADC-Input Pins according to the STM32H743ZI2 manual:
And the Inputs according to the Pinmap in Simulink and which was verified by Tests:
As you can see there are clearly less Input Pins for the ADC and there are several dublicates in there.
Could somebody please explain to me why this is the case and if there is a way to use all possible input pins as stated in the picture above?
Thank you in advance!

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Sarthak il 21 Dic 2023
Hi Lorenz,
This looks like an older pinmap. I don't think there are any limitations on the usage of ADC pins and all pins mentioned on the mbed platform should be supported.
The Embedded Coder Support Package for STMicroelectronics STM32 Processors on FileExchange might help if your requirements need more control.
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Lorenz Klaus
Lorenz Klaus il 22 Dic 2023
Hi Sarthak,
Thanks for your advice!
After I had another look in the documentation I found another doc to adress the alternative functions of pins:
With this I am now finally able to choose each ADC input I want!

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