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Connecting simulink/matlab and Ros only work one way, but can't receive messages

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Hello guys, I'm trying to connect a Duckiebot with ROS to MATLAB Simulink (unfortunately, I'm compelled to use them), and something strange is happening. I can ping both devices, and I can also send commands from MATLAB to the robot. The problem is that MATLAB/Simulink is not able to receive messages from the robot. I've tried various guides ( like this ) on the internet, but it's not working. Do you know how to resolve this issue?
the strange thing is that sometimes (like 1 in 100 tries i can actually read the data, but if i try again i cann't recive anything., and we also tried with the same robot but connected to a macbook with matlab and it works perfectly, so the problem is windows but i really idk how to do it.

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Sarthak il 19 Dic 2023
Hi Mariano,
This issue might be occuring because of Windows firewall configurations. You should disable any firewall software you are using or try to add a generic incoming rule.
This should resolve the issue.
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Mariano De Luca
Mariano De Luca il 19 Dic 2023
We tried disable the firewall, or config ROS_IP. Nothing work.
The only thing that worked was using a macbook or a pc with ubuntu + Matlab.

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