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How to convert 2 port S-parameter having 5000 rows into a T-parameter model?

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I am trying to de-embed a 2 port S-parameter model having 5000 rows of different frequencies.
I understand that the only way is to convert it to a T parameter matrix and then multiply the T matrix with its inverse to get back the original signal.Could some one throw light on how to go about converting 5000 rows of 2 port S matrix to T matrix?

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Vaibhav il 8 Feb 2024
Modificato: Vaibhav il 8 Feb 2024
Hi Ganesh
To convert a 2-port S-parameter matrix to a T-parameter matrix, you can use the "s2t" function from the RF Toolbox.
You can consider following the below steps:
  • If the S-parameter data is in a file, you can load it into MATLAB. If S-parameters are already in a variable "S" with 5000 frequency points, you can skip this step.
% Load S-parameter data from a file (e.g., .s2p or .snp)
% Replace 'filename.s2p' with the path to your S-parameter file
sparams = sparameters('filename.s2p');
  • If loaded the data from a file, you need to extract the S-parameter matrix from the sparams object. If "S" is already a matrix, skip this step.
% Extract S-parameter matrix from the object
S = sparams.Parameters;
  • Use the "s2t" function to convert the S-parameters to T-parameters. The "s2t" function works for each frequency point, so if S-parameter matrix has the shape [2, 2, 5000], it will automatically process all 5000 frequency points.
% Convert S-parameters to T-parameters
T = s2t(S);
Refer the below official MathWorks documentation to know more about "s2t" function:
Hope this helps!

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