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Port Size on a Bus Selector block

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Jon il 9 Nov 2011
I am using a Bus Selector Block to pick a particular signal object from a bus. I get the following error:
Error in port widths or dimensions. Output port 1 of 'SimulinkModelName/MATLAB Function Block' is a [55x1] matrix.
Error in port widths or dimensions. Input port 1 of 'SimulinkModelName/Bus Selector' is a one dimensional vector with 1 elements.
The MATLAB Function Block is where the bus signal is coming from and goes into the Bus Selector.
How can I get the Bus Selector inlet port dimensions to match the MATLAB Function Block outlet port dimensions?
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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind il 9 Nov 2011
Are you sure that your MATLAB Function Block has a bus as its output? According to the error, it seems that it is a 55x1 matrix type.
Jon il 9 Nov 2011
I had assigned the output port to a bus object but also assigned a size. I removed the size and just left it as a bus object assignment and now I'm getting a different error, unrelated to the output port, so I think that may have solved it.

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Jon il 9 Nov 2011
Thanks Kaustubha,
I had the output over-defined. Removing the size and leaving the bus object assignment fixed the problem.

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