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Unable to launch MATLAB in Ubuntu 22.04

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Neelakanteshwar Rao Battu
Risposto: michail il 15 Apr 2024
Dear Sir/Madam,
Our college is having campus wide license of MATLAB.
I have installed MATLAB R2023b in my Desktop (Ubuntu Operating System).
I am not able to find MATLAB launcher.
Every time it is becoming difficult for me to launch the MATLAB from Ubuntu Terminal.
Kindly provide your suggestions in resolving this problem.

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Krishna il 11 Feb 2024
Modificato: Krishna il 11 Feb 2024
Hello Neelakanteshwar,
You can open MATLAB in ubuntu using command line. Apart from that there is a package matlab-support which creates a shortcut for MATLAB in the launcher and applies a few bugfixes created by the community. You can install it with,
sudo apt install matlab-support
Please refer to the following documentation for more information for this step,
Also apart from this you can also make a shortcut using gnome panel like this,
sudo apt-get install gnome-panel
sudo gnome-desktop-item-edit /usr/share/applications/ --create-new
And then, MATLAB will be in your applications menu icon.
To know more information please refer the following MATLAB answer and documentation,
This would help your problem.

michail il 15 Apr 2024
Our college has a wide license of MATLAB. For installation i have run the install script from installation help pdf (xhost +SI:localuser:root, sudo -H ./install). The seccond command (sudo -H ./install) prompt an installation window as you can see in the attached screenshot. When i click on the advanced options->i have a file installation key nothing happens. i have the same problem when i try to type my mail . Any idea?


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