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MATLAB can't call python module with import

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Farshid Daryabor
Farshid Daryabor il 5 Feb 2024
Risposto: Dinesh il 6 Feb 2024
I can import and open '' through Jupyter Notebook,
import nctoolkit as nc
but when I am trying to import the corresponding module/package 'nctoolkit' through matlab, the bellow message will popped up,
>> py.nctoolkit.open_data("")
Unable to resolve the name py.nctoolkit.open_data.
I have checked current Python environment, and has already set it up for matlab. I appreciate if someone can solve the problem, Thanks!
>>pyenv('Version', '~/.conda/envs/myenvs/bin/python');

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Dinesh il 6 Feb 2024
Hi Farshid.
The following documentation link has all the troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue:
Hope this helps!

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