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GitHub App for publishing code does NOT see a public repository

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Apparently, the MathWorks GitHub App used to publish code up to File Exchange is unable to see one public repository hosted in a GitHub organization I'm owner of, although I granted it all the necessary privileges.
The repository in question is:
By contrast, the GitHub App is able to list other public repositories of the same organization. One example:
Is there anything I'm missing?
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Ugo Pattacini
Ugo Pattacini il 6 Feb 2024
Indeed, it's a public repository hence visible to anyone, just like the second repository I referenced.
Nevertheless, I'm unable to push the first one to File Exchange as the MathWorks GitHub App does not list it in the available resources within its dashboard.
Instead, the second public repository is correctly available in the dashboard.

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Gyan Vaibhav
Gyan Vaibhav il 29 Feb 2024
Hi Ugo,
I tried forking your repository, and I was able to access it in the dashboard in MATLAB file exchange. So this problem probably seems to be something unique, that you are facing. If you have been using this app from earlier, then have you made any changes in the configuration related to apps or maybe in the security policies of your Github account?
Here are a few things you can try if you haven't:
  1. Try toggling the access of the Mathworks Github App to "all repositories" from "selected repositories".
  2. Try uninstalling the Mathworks Github App, and then reinstalling it.
  3. Try if any other apps installed are working on the repository correctly.
  4. Contact Mathworks Support.
PS: It is unrelated but have you enabled 2FA on Github, try doing that just in case.
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Ugo Pattacini
Ugo Pattacini il 29 Feb 2024
Thanks heaps @Gyan Vaibhav
I finally managed to publish the work following your advice:
The GitHub App was already configured to "all repositories". The trick was to switch it to a single selected repository and then switch it back to "all repositories".
Thanks again!

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