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2% and 5% settling times

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Daniel il 28 Feb 2024
Risposto: Sam Chak il 28 Feb 2024
I have simulated the same system within matlab and simulink for 2% and 5% settling time however the results are slightly different and I am unsure why. Can somebody help explain why i may get slightly different settling values for matlab and simulink?
2% = 28.9 seconds
5% = 21.8 seconds
2% = 30.45 seconds
5% = 21.75 seconds

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Sam Chak
Sam Chak il 28 Feb 2024
The intellectual explanation for the discrepancy could be that one of the settling times was measured incorrectly. To confirm this, I suggest plotting both responses in MATLAB and Simulink. As for the fix, make sure that both settling times are measured using the same baseline for accurate comparison.


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