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I want to add a next page for my appdesigner, how do I code the 'next page' button to lead me from homepage to next pagee?

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I can't find any helpful ideas in youtube, I guess here, some can answer me

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Shreeya il 29 Feb 2024
To create a multi window app in MATLAB App designer, you can refer to the following documentation page:
Apart from this, the tab group in the app designer can also be used for a multi-page application. You can start by creating a button in tab1 which redirects to tab2.
Below is an exampe code of the callback function of a button which redirects to a new tab.
function ButtonPushedCallback(app, event)
app.TabGroup.SelectedTab = app.Tab2;

Voss il 6 Mar 2024
Here's a simple app with a tab group and two buttons that navigate back and forth through the tabs. The tab group is taller than the figure so that you don't see the tab titles, making it look and feel more like navigating through webpages.


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