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Why am I unable to change folder in MATLAB Online?

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When I try to access to a different folder than the one where I am running a script, an alert displays and says:
Moreover, when I try to use "cd" in the Command Window this error appears:
Error using cd
Unable to change current folder to '/MATLAB Drive' (Folder access failure).
And that is not everything. I've even tried to access scripts through Matlab Drive, and when I select any it displays and shows the code correctly, but when I click "Open in MATLAB Online" option, a different alert shows up:
What's the problem? how to solve it? Thanks in advance!

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Gyan Vaibhav
Gyan Vaibhav il 14 Mar 2024
I tried to reproduce the issue however, my MATLAB online seems to be working fine. To follow up, are you able to execute other commands like pwd? Have you tried opening some other script that is available in MATLAB drive. Is this happening with all the files.
  1. As a first measure, can you try logging in and trying in a browser's incognito/private window. This could be hapenning due to browser's cookies. If this works try logging in and out in your browser.
  2. If it's still not solved, do contact Mathworks Technical Support:
Hope this helps.


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