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Why is MATLAB R2023a Prerelease crashing when using the Live Editor?

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Why am I experiencing a crash when trying to use the Live Editor in the MATLAB R2023a Prerelease?
The crash occurs when I have a script open, and the crash log contains the following keywords: "libmwfl", "libmwconnector", "viewmodel_viewmodel_cpp", "PocoNet64", "PocoFoundation64", "KERNEL32", "ntdll".
The crash log might look similar to the following:
Assertion in auto __cdecl viewmodel::internal::MultiClientAssertPlugin::initializeMultiClientAssertion::<lambda_33c9504cdc0af422b6c5a516b56347f8>::operator ()(const class connector::message_service::JsonMessage &) const at B:\matlab\toolbox\shared\viewmodel\cpp\plugins\multiClientAssertPlugin.cpp line 42:
ViewModel Multi Client Usage Detected on channel: /viewmodelmulticlient/LE_EO_

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 5 Apr 2024
Modificato: MathWorks Support Team il 5 Apr 2024
This is a known issue with the MATLAB R2023a Prerelease. The crash occurs if you have a script open and hover over a variable to view a preview (datatip) of the variable, and then you open another script and hover over a different variable.
This issue has been fixed in MATLAB R2023a. You can upgrade to MATLAB R2023a or later to resolve this error.

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