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Global variables in simulink - embedded coder

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richard il 6 Apr 2024
Risposto: Fangjun Jiang il 6 Apr 2024
Using the C2000 blockset with an F28379D. I have a subsystem block that I call with an interrupt (an ADC block).
--> What I want to do is create a "counter" variable in the subsystem, where this counter increments itself by 1 every time the interrupt is called. This way, I can view this variable in Data Inspector to see how often the interrupt is called. Is there an example that shows how to do this?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 6 Apr 2024
I think you can try this block. Put it inside the Subsystem and specify the sample time as -1, which inherits the interrupt.


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