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Problem with APPS.

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Sasa il 8 Apr 2024
Risposto: Sarthak il 15 Apr 2024
I can not see the graphical representations in the APPS user interface.
Please, give me a suggestion on how to fix the problem.
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Ramtej il 8 Apr 2024
Attaching any supporting images might help in resolving your queries better.

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Sarthak il 15 Apr 2024
Hello Sasa,
A common cause of the problem you are experiencing is that the active canvas is smaller than the tab component, and only a part of the tab component area shows when you run your app. Moving the tab component to one side in the Design View might uncover the smaller canvas, and enlarge the canvas until the entire tab component fits on it.
Should this solution not rectify your issue, it would be beneficial to share screenshots depicting the specific problem you are facing.
Best regards.


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