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Function call failed when calling matlab function inside function block

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x = sym('x',[3 1],'real');
u = sym('u',[1 1],'real');
%% Plant definition
R = 0.1;
alpha = 10.4;
beta = 16.5;
rho = -1.16*x(1)+0.041*x(1)^3;
f = [alpha*(x(2)-x(1)-rho)
g = [0;1;0];
h = x(1);
C = [1 0 0];
x_dot = f+g*u;
The function is called in a Simulink MatlabFunction block:
fg_chua_sim is defined as:
function x_dot = fg_chua_sim(ux)
x_dot = fg_chua(ux);
The execution of the Simulink model fails with:
Error:Function call failed.
Function ' ' (#53.41.52), line 2, column 9:
Launch diagnostic report.
Why is that?

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 8 Apr 2024
Modificato: Fangjun Jiang il 8 Apr 2024
Okay, fg_chua() is generated by matlabFunction(). You need to specify the size of ux in the MATLAB Function block.
Open the MATLAB Function block Editor, click Edit Data, set the size of ux to be 4, based on the diagram.

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