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Error using urROS2Node

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Jose il 10 Apr 2024
Modificato: Wess Gates il 16 Lug 2024 alle 17:52
I am using MATLAB 2024a in linux, where I have installed ROS 2 and Dependencies as proposed in here by using the automated method.
As can be seen in the picture, evrething seems to work fine.
However, I am trying to connect to the UR simulator, as explained in this example using this script:
clear, clc;
ur5e = loadrobot('universalUR5e');
username = 'xxxxxx';
password = 'xxxxxxx';
ROS2Folder = '/opt/ros/humble';
ROS2Workspace = '/opt/ros/humble'; % In case of binary installation, ROS 2 Work-space is same as ROS 2 Folder
ROS2DeviceAddress = '';
robotAddress = '';
device = ros2device(ROS2DeviceAddress,username,password);
device.ROS2Folder = ROS2Folder;
device.ROS2Workspace = ROS2Workspace;
ur = urROS2Node('RigidBodyTree',ur5e);
and modifying the associated function so it works on simulation:
function generateAndTransferLaunchScriptROS2GettingStarted(device,WorkSpaceFolder,RobotAddress)
% Open a file to write set of commands to launch simulated UR5e
% in URSim
% launch depending on the installation of ros2 ur driver
if strcmp(WorkSpaceFolder, device.ROS2Folder)
% Launch command for binary installation
fprintf(fid,"gnome-terminal --title=\42Simulated UR5e Robot\42 -- /bin/bash -c 'source %s/setup.bash; ros2 launch ur_robot_driver launch_rviz:=false robot_ip:=%s'",device.ROS2Folder,RobotAddress);
% Launch command for source installation
fprintf(fid,"gnome-terminal --title=\42Simulated UR5e Robot\42 -- /bin/bash -c 'source %s/setup.bash; source %s/install/setup.bash; ros2 launch ur_robot_driver launch_rviz:=false robot_ip:=%s'",device.ROS2Folder,WorkSpaceFolder,RobotAddress);
% Copy file into ROS2 device
% Make the shell script executable
system(device,'chmod a+x ~/');
% Launch the script
% system(device,'./ &');
system(device,'./ &'); % JL: I use this instead
The UR sim loger viewer indicates that the communication is reached.
However, I am getting this error:
Error using ros.internal.getEmptyMessage>getMessageDataAndInfo (line 70)
How could I solve it so I can continue with the example execution?
Screenshot of the Matlab and urSim windows:
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Jose il 17 Apr 2024
Hi Jishnu,
thank you very much for your response. I followed the suggested steps, but unfortunatly I still cannot create the urnode. This is the new error:
Error using urROS2Node (line 202)
ROS 2 action server "/scaled_joint_trajectory_controller/follow_joint_trajectory" is currently unavailable. Relaunch the ROS2 driver node and create urROS2Node.
However, I managed to control a real UR10e robot. So, my issue is clearly with the URsim, and I will work directly with the real robot.
Thanks for the support.
Jishnu Subramonian
Jishnu Subramonian il 16 Lug 2024 alle 9:14
Hello Jose,
Can you please create a help ticket with MATLAB techincal support so that we can proceed further with the debugging reg. why you were not able to proceed with the URSim,

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Wess Gates
Wess Gates il 12 Lug 2024 alle 22:48
Modificato: Wess Gates il 12 Lug 2024 alle 22:52
I am having a similar issue I have posted on the UR Forum. Insights for troubleshooting would be appreciated. It may also be possible some instructions following the MathWorks/UR pages are missing regarding spooling up the ROS2 driver perhaps as well as any variances for using a URSim Docker image rather than a virtual machine workflow?
For example in Hardware Setup Window for Joint Acquisition the second troubleshooting step suggest looking for "error messages on the terminal in the host machine with ROS2" this seems to suggest ROS2 perhaps should be spooled up or something but none of the documented steps seem to suggest whether this should be done by the user or if it is handeled by the setup in the background?
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Jishnu Subramonian
Jishnu Subramonian il 16 Lug 2024 alle 9:13
Hello Wess,
Can you please create a help ticket with MATLAB techincal support so that we can proceed further with the debugging,
Wess Gates
Wess Gates il 16 Lug 2024 alle 17:49
Modificato: Wess Gates il 16 Lug 2024 alle 17:52
Sure. I will create a help ticket. I will also describe a few things I have tried.
  1. On my home network I have a 192.x network and I was able to connect to the URSim docker via the MathWorks workflow.
  2. At work we use a 10.x network. In both cases (at home and at work) I used: docker rm network ursim_net just to be safe and make sure the bridge is bering created correctly. I cannot seem to get the workflow to work on 10.x network but I am unclear if this is directly related or not.
  3. Please see the attached image. When I try to complete the hardware setup on the 10.x netwrok the URSim terminates when requesting the joint angles.
  4. One feature that maybe helpful is allowing the selection of the UR model i.e. UR5e or UR10e during the Setup process etc... since this impacts which scripts should be launched

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