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Need help figuring out why this nested function is not working

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function [imgstruct,xyzuvwcrm] = IMGHandle(inputArg1)
%UNTITLED2 Summary of this function goes here
% Detailed explanation goes here
files = inputArg1;
count = 1;
for k = 1:length(files)
varargout = svec2(files(k).name); %Pass files into function to get img struc
% for i = 1:8
% table(:,i) = varargout(:,:,i);
% end
%Adds name of file to struct
xyzuvwcrm(k).name = files(k).name;
for i = 1:8
for x = 1:54
for y = 1:73
xyzuvwcrm(k).data(count,i) = varargout(x,y,i); %Read matrix val to table
count = count +1; %Counting pixels in the image
count = 1;
%Compute the magnitude of u,v,w and insert into column 9 of xyzuvwcrm
for l = 1:size(xyzuvwcrm(k).data,1)
xyzuvwcrm(k).data(l,9) = sqrt(sum((xyzuvwcrm(k).data(l,4:6)).^2));
%Creates the Image pixel structure
xyzuvwcrm(k).data = array2table(xyzuvwcrm(k).data,...
'VariableNames',["x mm","y mm","z mm","u m/s","v m/s","w m/s",...
"CHC","R Err","Magnitude"]);
imgstruct(k).name = files(k).name;
imgstruct(k).data = varargout ;%(:,:,i)
function varargout = svec2(varargin)
msg = nargchk(1,3,nargin); if ~isempty(msg), error(msg), end;
% Defaults:
if nargin < 3
varargin{3} = 8; % default columns value (13/08/01)
if nargin < 2
varargin{2} = 1; % default number of header lins
% Assign variables
name = varargin{1};
% append an extension if the user neglected to include it
headerlines = 1;
columns = 8;
% this seems like it would cause as many problems as it might fix.
if isempty(strfind(lower(name),'.v3d'))
name = strcat(name,'.v3D');
% Read the header
fid = fopen(name,'r');
if fid<0
error('File not found');
hdr = fgetl(fid);
% Parse the header
% i'm terrible at using regex safely,
% so take this with a grain of salt
hdr = lower(hdr);
i = regexp(hdr,'i=(\d+)','tokens');
i = str2double(i{1}{1});
j = regexp(hdr,'j=(\d+)','tokens');
j = str2double(j{1}{1});
k = regexp(hdr,'k=(\d+)','tokens');
k = str2double(k{1}{1});
% read everything using a convenience tool
data = readmatrix(name,'filetype','text', ...
'expectednumvariables',columns, ...
badind = find(data>9e9);
if ~isempty(badind), data(badind) = 0; warning(sprintf('Bad %d points',length(badind))); end;
% then reshape
% i don't know which way this is supposed to be oriented
data = reshape(data,i,j,[]);
data = permute(data,[2 1 3]);
if nargout == 1
varargout{1} = data;
elseif nargout == 2
varargout{1} = hdr;
varargout{2} = data;
elseif nargout == 4
varargout{1} = hdr;
varargout{2} = data;
varargout{3} = str2num(i);
varargout{4} = str2num(j);
varargout{5} = str2num(k);
warning('Wrong number of outputs') ;
As you can see from the function above IMGHandle is the main function which uses the function svec2 defined within it. I have made sure that all files are within the same folder and this is the current folder. Have restarted matlab to try to update cache etc.
Currently the output I am getting when trying to pass a struct into IMGHandle is the following:
Error using pivdatareadertest>IMGHandle/svec2
File not found
Error in pivdatareadertest>IMGHandle (line 254)
varargout = svec2(files(k).name); %Pass files into function to get img struc
Error in pivdatareadertest (line 55)
[imgstruct,xyzuvwcrm] = IMGHandle(Class4FS20HZ);
Thank you.

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Stephen23 il 5 Mag 2024
Modificato: Stephen23 il 5 Mag 2024
"File not found"
You are not providing FOPEN and READMATRIX with the filepath, so they cannot find the file on your computer. Presuming that INPUTARG1 is actually the structure returned from DIR, then you should replace
Note that your use of VARARGOUT when calling SVEC2 is not a cell array of function output arrays (of the function IMGHANDLE). To avoid confusion (e.g. your own) you should rename it to e.g. DATA.
As far as I can tell you are not accessing any variables directly from the parent workspace, so nesting the function SVEC2 serves no purpose. It might as well be a simple local function.
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Jensen Lam
Jensen Lam il 5 Mag 2024
Modificato: Jensen Lam il 5 Mag 2024
I tried to make it simpler by just combining the two structs into one where xyzuvwcrm is now just imgstruct.vel (velocity data). And so it outputs only imgstruct. Set a breakpoint and the result of imgstruct is a name field with the name of each file within the input struct, the velocity (vel) data as a table, and the 54x73x8 double.
However, using break points, it seems like the error really happens at this line:
xyzuvwcrm(k).data(count,i) = varargout(x,y,i); %Read matrix val to table
Edit: it seems to be only throwing the error only when its completing constructing the table as well
it seems that :
somehow is keeping the incrementing k value stuck at 1 somehow.
Jensen Lam
Jensen Lam il 5 Mag 2024
Modificato: Jensen Lam il 5 Mag 2024
I changed k within IMGHandle to n since svec2 has an k value already. That worked. Thanks

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