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Why does the "Matrix dimensions must agree" error persists?

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Good evening, I'm trying to plot an audiorecording with an Fs = 8KHz in appdesigner. I created a dropdown but idk why this error remains. I uploaded some images so u can understand me. I'd really apreciate it, its really important to figure it out. Thanks a lot.

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sai charan sampara
sai charan sampara il 10 Mag 2024
Hello Walter,
When using "plot" in the format of "plot(ax,x,y)" the size of the variable "x" and "y" must be same. In your case make sure the size of the variables "t" and "y" are same. If they are not same you can try defining "t" such that it has the same length as "y".

Hassaan il 10 Mag 2024
Modificato: Hassaan il 10 Mag 2024
To give an initial idea:
% Example MATLAB code to plot an audio recording
% Sample rate
Fs = 8000; % 8 kHz
% Create a dummy audio signal (e.g., a sine wave for demonstration)
t = 0:1/Fs:1-1/Fs; % Create a time vector for 1 second of audio
frequency = 440; % Frequency of the sine wave (A4 pitch)
audioData = sin(2 * pi * frequency * t); % Generate audio data
% Plot the audio data
plot(t, audioData);
xlabel('Time (seconds)');
title('Audio Signal');
grid on;
% Dummy function to simulate dropdown callback in App Designer
function dropdownCallback(app, event)
frequency = str2double(app.DropDown.Value); % Get frequency from dropdown
% Recreate the audio signal with the new frequency
audioData = sin(2 * pi * frequency * t); % Generate new audio data
% Update the plot
plot(app.UIAxes, t, audioData); % Assume 'UIAxes' is your App Designer axis
xlabel(app.UIAxes, 'Time (seconds)');
ylabel(app.UIAxes, 'Amplitude');
title(app.UIAxes, ['Audio Signal at ', num2str(frequency), ' Hz']);
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