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FOPTD with sinusoidal input

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ALEX il 11 Mag 2024
Risposto: Jaynik il 22 Mag 2024 alle 8:07
Hi. I have a system and i want to study only the OPEN LOOP response for the disturbe.
Here x is a sinusoidal function x = w/(w^2 + s^2) and Pd is a FOPTD.
Can anyone help me with that?

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Jaynik il 22 Mag 2024 alle 8:07
Hi Alex,
I understand that you want to study the open loop response for a disturbance, that is when the feedback is not considered. You can follow these steps to simulate the response:
  • Create a Simulink model of you system. You can mainly use the Sum block, Sine Wave block, Scope block for visualizing the output and the Transfer Fcn block to represent the dynamics of different parts of your system.
  • Define the disturbance 'd' and the sinusoidal function 'x'. These will serve as the inputs to your system.
  • Once the model is set up, you can run the simulation with appropriate input and observe the output 'y' through the scope block after computing the open loop response.
You can refer this documentation for more detailed steps on how to compute open-loop response:
Depending on your system, you may need to incorporate additional blocks into your model. The exact steps may vary depending on the specific form of your systems equations and nature of the disturbance. If you have any specific question about the process, feel free to ask.


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