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How to specify file path with -logfile flag for my standalone application created with MATLAB Compiler?

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If I only specify a file name, for example 'log.txt', the log file is saved in the same folder as the application exe file. How can I save it in a different folder?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team il 17 Mag 2024
mcc -R '-logfile,log.txt' Main.m % log.txt is saved in the application folder
mcc -R '-logfile,c:\temp\log.txt' Main.m % c:\temp folder has to exist, otherwise log.txt won't be created
As the above example shows, you can specify file path in the file name. But please note the file path must be existing already. 
If you don't know if the path will exist on your end users' machine, one workaround is you can use "mkdir" function in your application code and save logfile to the directory you have created. But still the first time when the app runs the log file won't be created. The folder will be created with mkdir. For future runs of the app the log files can be saved in the folder.

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