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Minimize difference between two data sets

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I have two data sets, one will not change while the other depends on two variables, say A and B. I have a function that takes A and B, recomputes the one data set using A and B using a seperate function (i.e. it calls another function), then spits out a value for how well the two data sets compare. The function I described works alone (call it my_func). When I try to minimize, is when it fails. I have tried multiple methods: lsqnonlin, fminsearch, and fminunc. All follow a similar format being [output] = [method](@(A,B) my_func(A,B), [A B]) and they all return a failure to continue due to not enough input arguments.
Am I using these methods incorrectly? I am not sure why the will not begin to solve. Is there another method that I am unaware of that would work better for this application? Thank you for any guidance.

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Torsten il 17 Mag 2024
[output] = [method](@(AB) my_func(AB(1),AB(2)), [A B])
instead of
[output] = [method](@(A,B) my_func(A,B), [A B])

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