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loop Will only open the files in starting folder

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Bertrand il 19 Mag 2024 alle 0:25
Commentato: Bertrand il 20 Mag 2024 alle 21:13
I want to create a script that opens a folder and goes in to every subfolder and pulls out .mat files. The following code only pulls out the .mat files that are located in the starting fold even though it gathers all sub folder directories. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
startingFolder = pwd;
root = uigetdir(startingFolder);
allSubfolders = genpath(root);
subFolders = regexp(allSubfolders, ';', 'split');
for subFolderCount = 3 : length(subFolders)
% Get this subfolder.
thisSubFolder = subFolders{subFolderCount};
% Get a list of MAT files in this subfolder.
matFiles = dir(fullfile(thisSubFolder, '*.mat'));

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Voss il 19 Mag 2024 alle 22:51
matFiles = dir(fullfile(pwd,'**','*.mat'));

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