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Why does Matlab not recognize fieldnames function?

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Back in the past I used the 'fieldnames' function to retrieve fieldnames. But suddenly it´s not working anymore.
Strangely the function works before starting my script as console input. But as soon as I start my script, the function doesn´t get recognized anymore. It also works in other scripts. See code below.
Thank you in advance!
if length(other_data.digitalMap) == 1 || length(results.digitalMap) == 1
fieldnames = fieldnames(results.digitalMap);
for y =1: length(other_data.digitalMap)
for z = 1:length(fieldnames)-1
field_name = fieldnames{z};
results.digitalMap(y).(field_name) = other_data.digitalMap(y).(field_name);
%Strangely the function works before starting my script as console input:
% Create a structure with some fields = 'John';
myStruct.age = 30;
myStruct.occupation = 'Engineer';
% Get the field names of the structure
fields = fieldnames(myStruct);

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You overwrite the "fieldnames" function by setting it to a variable value:
fieldnames = fieldnames(results.digitalMap);

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