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help using bsxfun to multiplay different size matrixes

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I want to make the following:
create a matrix that has one more diamention the the matrix norm_mode (actuatty is to make a norm_mode a time function)
to accelrate it on matlab I tryied the use of bsxfun, but I get the error : "Non-singleton dimensions of the two input arrays must match each other."
Please help me fix it, I cant tell where the problem is.
tmp = zeros(newSize, newSize, length(others.t));
for idx_t = 1:length(t)
tmp(:,:,idx_t) = norm_mode(:,:) .* fields(idx_t,3) ;
tmp = bsxfun(@times, norm_mode, fields(:, ii));

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Stephen23 il 20 Mag 2024
Modificato: Stephen23 il 20 Mag 2024
tmp = bsxfun(@times, norm_mode, reshape(fields(:,3),1,1,[]))
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