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How do I know what method Matlab is using when plotting ltiview?

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Hola, buenas tardes
Como puedo saber que metodo esta usando Matlab para el calculo de Rise Time, lo que pasa es que con las formulas de los libros no se aproxima a lo que entrega Matlab.
Hello, good afternoon
How can I know what method Matlab is using to calculate Rise Time, what happens is that the formulas in the books do not approximate what Matlab provides.

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Torsten il 25 Mag 2024 alle 8:20
Spostato: Torsten il 25 Mag 2024 alle 8:21
I don't know Itiview nor risetime, but isn't there a literature link in the documentation for the function you are using ?
If not, you can ask MATLAB support for help:

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